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Apply our knowledge and experience to save life and property at sea.

In 1986, the Canadian Coast Guard changed its policy and eliminated towing services. Marine Assist International picked up where the Coast Guard left off by providing a dependable fast-response service that commercial and recreational boaters could rely on to get them back to port.

Since its inception, Marine Assist International has grown to be the largest provider of emergency towing and salvage services on the west coast.

Over the years our captains and crews have been exposed to a myriad of emergency and non-emergency situations. This extensive experience enables us to be an effective force when speed and precision are essential to preserving life and property at sea.

Quality equipment is vital for effectively dealing with a crisis. In an emergency the type of equipment employed and its condition can mean the difference between minor damage and heavy loss.

Our commitment to excellence in service moves us to continuously invest in equipment and supplies that make the difference.

We place focus on ensuring that our marine response crews and vessels are well equipped and ready to handle any situation.

Fixed equipment on board our boats is observed through scheduled checks and off-board equipment is checked, tagged, and restocked after every use. This regiment ensures that all our equipment is in peak working condition at all times.

Thu, February 22, 2018

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