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For generations the ocean has inspired people who live, work, and play on it. Along with its magic are inherent risks that can become threats to mariners. Our relationship with the ocean has turned over many stories of tragedy and loss - many of which might have been avoided through the application of common sense and safety.

This Safety and Standards area of our web site is dedicated to helping mariners understand and apply systems that have evolved over the years through the consideration of generations upon generations of mariners to help keep us safe at sea.

Boating accidents are responsible for approximately 200 deaths in Canada every year. Use common sense out on the water.

Some key constituents of marine safety

Safety Equipment

Office Of Boating Safety - Safety Equipment Requirements

Stocking your boat with the right safety equipment isn't only handy in case of an emergency, it's also required by regulations!

Visit the Canadian Coast Guard web site for details on required safety equipment you should have on board your vessel at all times.

VHF Radio Essentials

VHF Radio Essentials

VHF (very high frequency) radio is the backbone of marine communication and an important constituent of marine safety.

This article covers VHF Radio's Global Warning and Distress System, local systems and standards, and radio etiquette.

Float Plan

The Float Plan: A Simple But Valuable Safety Net

Suppose a rogue wave hammers your boat; your radio stops working; or you and your crew are rendered unconscious after hitting an obstacle...

The time it will take for help to arrive can be heavily influenced by the use of a good float plan.

Insurance & Service Providers

Peace of Mind On The Seven Seas

Solid safety also includes having a contingency plan in place in the event that an incident occurs.

Having boaters insurance in place and pre-screening marine service providers in your area of travel is important.

Responding To A Crisis At Sea

Responding To A Marine Emergency

Effective response to a crisis can help you reap the best possible result from the circumstances at hand. On the other end of the spectrum, poor response to a crisis can lead to a disastrous outcome.

This article contains protocol on responding to a crisis at sea.


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